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ou open before you a page that could change the way you think, and what you do, and for many others who are truly searching for a ‘life-changing income-generating business opportunity, then this could be it. Here you will find,

“Everything you need to run a successful …Capability Development Academy, Mobile-First Marketing Media and a Business Growth Centre… as a professional service... From scratch!”

Firstly, you may want to know what the TreNova Tribe is, what it stands for, what it does and most importantly; what it can do for you… TreNova Tribe is a dynamic network of business growth experts that are offering Nigerians the opportunities to earn business income while offering the following professional services:

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1. School Growth Support Services:

TreNova School Support Centre offers an opportunity to offer a bundle of solutions, services, and products that seek to solve the challenges facing private schools in Nigeria. Below are some of the values you will offer to earn a business income:

  • Help schools bring back reading culture and offer an e-library that contains 450 reading books.
  • Help in improving learning outcomes.
  • Parent loyalty improvement system
  • Enrolment and revenue improvement service
  • Debt collection and growth sustainability improvement service
  • Diction and Mathematics learning support studio

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2. Marketing Services:

With this service, you can EARN Naira (N) & DOLLAR ($) by leveraging our technology to offer result-based and affordable social media marketing services to businesses operating within the country and abroad. The following are some of the system-driven services you will offer to earn business support:

  • Social media handle management service
  • Testimonial collection and displaying marketing service
  • Quiz Funnel marketing service
  • Push marketing service

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3. Capability Development Training Academy:

We help you set up a thriving Training Academy and offer you the opportunity to leverage our system to offer various training and seminar to businesses, young graduates and professionals. Here are some of the training and seminars you will be able to offer through TreNova Academy:

  • School growth strategy training
  • Professional sales masterclass
  • Consulting career development training
  • Graduate employability training

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4. Deal Making Services:

You are offered the strategies, the model, the platform and the technology that will enable you to help two or more businesses to leverage their existing customers to multiply their sales and profit in exchange for business income. Below are some of the services you will offer to earn business income

  • Sales improvement service
  • Productivity improvement service
  • Revenue growth service
  • Business systemization service
  • Deal making service

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The Benefits of Becoming a TreNova Tribe Business Manager

  1. TreNova offers products and services fulfillment services.
  2. trenova_image
    You will also benefit from our sales closing service.
  3. You benefit from our National Digital marketing promotion.
  4. Personal access to training slides and videos while your training participants will also be given access to our training manuals and other materials.
  5. Access to training facilitators and training space.
  6. Opportunity to leverage on national customer service program at no cost,
  7. Opportunity to run a business that can earn foreign currency and contribute to Nigeria's foreign exchange earnings, and
  8. Access to proven, sellable and highly discounted back-end and upsell products, services and solutions that you can offer to your customers to earn massive business income.
  9. Finally, you are trading under the wing of a solid and popular TreNova brand.

Available Opportunities:

1. Referral Angels: These are opportunity seekers who are interested in making money from the information they have at their fingertips.

The Responsibility: The role requires you to refer prospects that may benefit from our products, services and solutions to our sales closers.

The Benefits: You are paid a 12.50% commission on every prospect you referred that converts into sales.

2. TreNova Business Managers: These are individuals who are interested in running as TreNova independent business growth advisers either from our office premises or from their preferred location. When you sign up for this opportunity, you will be able to offer the following services:

(a) You will also be able to run the following Business Improvement Services such as

  • School Support Services,
  • Mobile-First Marketing Services, and
  • Deal Making and Business Growth Services.

The most beautiful part of this is - all the hard work is taken care of for you.

(b) You can offer Business Growth Support Services such as Deal Making, Mobile-First Marketing Services, School Support Services, Business Revenue Improvement Services, Customer Loyalty Improvement Systems etc.

3. Exclusive Territory Managers:

  • These are the people who are interested in running their business within a ceded territory.
  • When you join this opportunity, you will be able exclusively responsible to offer the services mentioned above to the customers within the territory.